Kevin Reilly   Game Designer
Work Experience
TouchFactor Game Designer
10/9/2012 - Present
  • Built TouchFish tutorial using internal scripting tool, a step based system where one or more actions can be performed on each step
  • Implemented and balanced most TouchFish economies and player progression
  • Created and tuned 50 levels for a gesture matching mini game where the player draws gestures in the correct sequence corresponding to tricks performed by the BuddyFish (the fish that the player interacts with on a daily basis)
  • Created and tuned 40 levels for a physics based puzzle game, BumperFish, where the player guides a BuddyFish to perform collisions with objects
Sony Home Operations Specialist
10/7/2009 - 10/7/2012
  • Publish content to Playstation Home, changing out posters and trailers based on a specific schedule
  • Composited advertisement posters, backgrounds, and thumbnail images (using Photoshop CS4) for purchasable content within Playstation Home

  • Composited new icons for for the Playstation Home 1.35 interface update
  • Schedule content to swap out using XML for community events such as promotionalexclusives, contests, giveaways, and meet the developers. I have a great attention to detail because each poster/trailer could cost a major loss in revenue if the events don't run smoothly
Factor 5

Jr. Game Designer

5/2008 - 12/2008
  • Worked on an unannounced casual title for the Nintendo Wii using an internal proprietary toolset
  • Implemented many different missions and mission types

  • Placed objects throughout the environments and missions
  • Created documents for new mission types
Backbone Entertainment Game Design Intern
6/29/07 9/24/07
  • Created and implemented a pickup plan for Death Jr. Root of Evil for Wii
  • Worked on designing two boss encounters for 1942 Joint Strike
  • Fixed various bugs that were assigned to me
Konami Game Tester
  • C/C++: I've taken a few programming courses through college
  • Unity 3D 4.5+
  • uSequencer in Unity
  • Playmaker Visual Scripting in Unity
  • MS Word & Excel
  • Perforce: Used at Backbone, Factor 5, and TouchFactor
  • Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Dawn of War Map Editor
  • Unreal 4 Editor: Currently learning the engine
  • Maya: Mainly used for object placement in various toolsets
  • Softimage XSI: novice modeling ability
  Cogswell Polytechnical College Penn State Behrend  
  Sunnyvale, CA Erie, PA  
  Bachelor's of Science in Digital Arts Engineering Associate of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology  
  Graduated: May 2008 Graduated: May 2004