Kevin Reilly   Game Designer
Board Games



As you can see, I love board games. My collection is growing but there are still plenty of other games I want to play/own. I think there are so many interesting things about traditional gaming that you just don't get with other mediums. The social aspect in board gaming is much more personal where you get to watch your opponent's reactions based on what you do. Also if a rule seems unfair or unbalanced, you can just rewrite it as you see fit. This carries over to designing other games too. It's a lot faster to change something on paper early on than it is to do so in software.



I've been either skiing, snowblading, or snowboarding for the better part of twenty years. Any chance I get to hit the slopes, I take it. It was a huge change moving from Pittsburgh to Sunnyvale because instead of being an hour from the slopes, it's about 5 hours here. Though the Pennsylvania slopes were mostly ice so it was nice to ride on fresh powder at Tahoe.


Music has been and always will be a huge part of my life. I enjoy a really wide variety of music: punk, ska, rock, techno, tribal, celtic, 80's pop, etc. One of my all time favorite bands is Dropkick Murphys. They're one of the few bands that combine bagpipes and punk and do it rather well. I've actually been wanting to learn to play the bagpipes for a long time. I have a chanter and know how to play the scales, but that's about it so far. Hopefully when I'm able to get a house I can practice with out making my neighbours go crazy.

I also enjoy messing around with a sequencer program called Fruity Loops. It's a great program that allows me to create music without actually needing to be able to read music. I just mess with it till I think it sounds cool. You can download some samples of loops or songs I've created. I have no idea what to call some of them, but enjoy.

Parasite.mp3: I'm making this one to be a series of songs with transitions
Zmatrix Loop.wav
Video Games


What can I say, video games are the whole reason I wanted to become a game designer. They have conquered most of my childhood and was blown away by everything developers were making. Growing up I never thought I'd be able to participate in creating experiences for others to enjoy.

I've got almost every major console PS3, PSP, PS2, X360, NDS, Wii, PC, N64, Gamecube, and a few others. My video game collection is growing constantly.

Painting Miniatures


Whenever I have the time, I enjoy painting miniatures for board games I have. Here are some painted heroes from Runebound.



I've been to many different cities and no city has as much team pride as Pittsburgh. The city bleeds black and gold and practically shuts down during games. I love the passion that comes from the Steel City. I get to go to a Steelers game at least once every year and sometimes a Pens game. There is nothing like a Steelers/Pens game during the playoffs. Fan energy is amazing and so much fun to be around.