Kevin Reilly   Game Designer




Born and raised in the Steel City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I'm now a game designer currently residing in Petaluma, California. I originally went to school for Electrical Engineering Technology but quickly became aware that I wanted a more creative outlet. I realized I had one major love, games. Once I figured that part out I took a leap of faith and moved to California in hopes to join the creative process. After 7 long years of school I landed my first real job as a game designer at Factor 5 working on a game for the Nintendo Wii. I loved working at Factor 5 with such intelligent people in all fields. It's not often where work coincides with fun and I had the pleasure of experiencing that kind of environment.

I'm currently employed at TouchFactor as a Game Designer. Be sure to check out some of the games I've worked on as well as my independent portfolio!
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